Dressing Sets

Dressing sets are a series of medical products that include different combinations of medical objects, which usually contain surgical drape, gauze sheet, non-woven fabric, forceps, surgical scissor, and glove, for conducting surgeries or cleaning wounds. The objects in the sets are different with each other according to different applications. All the objects are sterilized and then packed in a vacuum forming plastic tray.

The dressing sets are antibacterial, user friendly, cheap, labor saving, and can effectively prevent surgical infections and cross infections.

We provide OEM service. The package and the LOGO on it are all customizable, meeting your special requirements.

Related Names 
Surgical Pack | Surgical Kit

    1. Dressing Sets
    2. Dressing Sets The dressing sets comprise of sterilized plastic tray and different combinations or other components according to specific requirements. They are mainly used for cleaning wounds and changing dressings for trauma patients
    1. Dressing Forceps
    2. Dressing Forceps Code : SMD-270901
      Description: Plastic forcep (10cm)

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